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Feb. 5th, 2007

Lacus Clyne

i want hair like her. It's beautiful!

Aug. 29th, 2006

Can't escape the.............

...................Snakes On a Fucking Plane! There's a song about it?! It's on the radio now.....Hype doesn't even begin to describe the promotion of this film.

Samuel L. should hang his head in shame for being part of this. As he once said before he evidently returned to crack(really! it must be the only reason he said yes to it):

"Oh man, I will never forgive yo ass for this. This is some fucked-up, repugnant shit"

Aug. 28th, 2006


You Belong in San Francisco

You crave an eclectic, urban environment. You're half California, half NYC.
You're open minded, tolerant, and secretly think you're the best.
People may dismiss you as a hippie, but you're also progressive, interesting, and rich!

I wish!

You are Bettie Page

Girl next door with a wild streak
You're a famous beauty - with unique look
And the people like you are cultish about it

These are scarily addictive

You Are Amy Lee!

Gothy, expressive, woman-in-pain
Who looks damn good in a corset
"When you cried I'd wipe away all of your tears
When you'd scream I'd fight away all of your fears"

Jul. 19th, 2006

I've been asked...

...to update this. By the only person who reads this and who is the person I spend most of my time with these days. Can't I just tell you what I'm thinking or are we one of those couples who only communicate through the medium of the internet? If that's the case, did I leave my toothbrush at yours?

Anyway...Mr Taylor, this is just for you.

My new red hair is garnering lots of attention, in all sorts of ways, but I like it. Detracts from my mangled face you see.

Anyway. I'm tired and have to go to bed as I have a party tonight. Where I shall weep and say goodbye to all my boys.

Goodnight and Good Luck


Jul. 12th, 2006

Fainting Goats

What a creature...

Anyway I fainted today. On a train. In the rush hour. In London. Which was nice...and there was actually a Doctor on my carriage. I thought that only happened in films.

Highly embarrassed as I made the train 15 minutes late due to my Victorian hysteria, but there were some very nice people who made it less scary for me. God bless Londoners...and the nurse who attended to me thought I was only 21. Is it wrong that this made my day?

Still in pieces about having no music, although I did get to listen to Maroon 5 yesterday on my commute. Now I don't mind people blasting their stuff (I do it myself) but Maroon 5?! Are they not ashamed that people can hear they're listening to She Will Be Loved? Shocking behaviour.

Time for some smelling salts and for me to track down my wandering womb.

Jul. 7th, 2006

Sixteen Candles...

..well 27 really, but it doesn't flow as well, does it?

I turn 27 soon. Nearly 30! This would've have petrified me a year ago, 6 months ago even. But I'm fairly chilled about it now. Don't exactly know why that is but so what if I'm not married, don't have kids, a pension, a mortgage, a perfect size 10 figure...all those other things that are pushed onto us in order to be content.

My mind is active, I don't look like I'm in my late twenties, my hair is funky, I have a great collection of shoes and music, I love my job and my kids think I'm 'safe', the people in my life love/like me and I laugh every day. That's not bad is it?

I might even get a tattoo to celebrate my 'sticking it to The Man'

Domesticity is fucking lame. Just say no kids!

Jul. 4th, 2006

Drowning in Love.

Sounds like a Richard Curtis film, doesn't it?

It's like a huge wave has engulfed me and no matter how much I struggle against it I can't escape, plus I can't swim anyway. It's a euphoric and a petrifying experience at the same time. Euphoric because Matt loves me too, more than anyone else has ever loved me I think (apart from my Mum and Dad of course) but petrifying because it could all end at any minute. That's the pessimist in me talking and I can't get rid of it.

He's a constant in my life already, after nearly a month, only a month! Nobody knows the extent of our feelings for each other and I kinda like it. Like we're in our own little bubble..but bubbles burst.

Some say love is a form of madness, I'd believe them right now.

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